Natural Language Proessing

Using this sub field of AI, we have built applications that enable computers to process and understand human language. Its real world application is either stand-alone such as in parsing a document or interwoven with other complex machine learning models giving hand to a full-fledged AI system such as in automation.

Our implementations with NLP has seen wide real world use cases, the most common of our implementations -

  • Sentiment analysis of the writer / speaker:
    Understand meaning of sentences and paragraphs written to define the sentiment. Mostly applied in discovering people’s opinions, emotions and feelings about a product or a service, this application of NLP has helped businesses gain insights on consumers and do a competitive comparison and make necessary.
    Bots that emulate human in a conversation by parsing user text through NLP. This is the first instances of AI directly influencing and revolutionizing the way businesses interact with customers. Bots are better options for businesses that don’t have an immediate business case for an app, especially for those whose business outcomes are determined by the efficiency of their real time communications.
  • Parsing Document for automation:
    Reading and interpreting documents for automated text extraction. This application of NLP has helped automate mundane and repetitive tasks cutting down huge spending all the while improving efficiency by at least 2-fold.
  • Other applications include speech recognition, language translation among others.